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The Planning & Code Enforcement Department is constantly working to make processes more efficient and easier to use. Because of these efforts, we've implemented a new online services portal which allows for greater transparency through enhanced search and tracking capabilities. Anyone can visit the system online and do permit searches, application searches, business registration searches, and so much more with the click of a mouse or swipe of your finger on a mobile device.

The Planning & Code Enforcement Department will continue its efforts towards making more online services available for its citizens, contractors and businesses. It is the goal of this department to make applying for a building permit, submitting an application, obtaining a garage sales permit and registering a health permit available online as the year progresses.

, only Licensed Professionals doing business in the City of Weslaco can register.  After submitting your registration and validated by staff, contractors can track their permits, pay for fees, request inspections, view and upload documents.

You can email us with any questions you might have at or call the Building Division at (956) 973-3123.

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