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Permit Information

District Ordinance No. 12559, Article V, Section Three, states:

E.  Prohibited Discharges to Sanitary Sewers:  No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged into any sanitary sewer any:

(1)   Storm water, surface water, or groundwater,
(2)   Roof runoff,
(3)   Excessive infiltration or inflow,
(4)   Cooling water which is from a non-contact once-through operation and which is not treated   prior to or during use, or
(5)   Unpolluted water, except that, (a) any water listed above which contains pollutants regulated by this Ordinance may be discharged when approved by the Director subject to any pretreatment, flow control or other control measures and monitoring procedures as determined by the Director, and, (b) small volumes of otherwise excluded cooling water may be discharged provided such discharge does not violate any other provisions of this Ordinance.

F.  Open Connections Prohibited:  No person constructed or repairing a sanitary sewer, or any building sewer connected to a sanitary sewer shall leave such sewer open, unsealed, or incomplete in a manner which will permit storm water, groundwater, or surface water to enter any District sanitary sewer.  All such openings shall be tightly sealed at all points whenever work is not actually in progress on such sewer or connection.

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