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Click here for the City of Fort Lauderdale Coronavirus Updates

Please be aware that the Department of Sustainable Development is operating in a reduced capacity during the COVID19/Coronavirus Pandemic. Please note that this situation is very fluid and is subject to change. Please click the link above for the latest information on the City of Fort Lauderdale operations.

During this time, we are striving to be as responsive as possible and we are asking that everyone be patient as we work together to get through this event. You may find additional assistance for LauderBuild on the LauderBuild FAQ page.

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Search for Records

All search criteria entered must match the record data. Enter criteria and click the Search button. If you do not get results:

    •     Ensure the record information is entered correctly.
    •     For Address searches: Try entering ONLY the Street Number and Street Name (you may use "%" as a wildcard in the Street Name field).
    •     If entering the full record number, ensure any dashes are included (e.g., ALM-REG-0000001).
    •     To search for an Alarm Billing record that was created prior to October 4, 2019, please prefix your record number with "AB-" (e.g., AB-10000000).
    •     Try expanding your search further by doing a partial search. E.g., if searching for "ALM-REG-0000001" or "AB-0000001", try "%0000001". 

NOTE:  If you cannot find a record you are sure exists, please contact the LauderBuild Support Team. 

General Search

To search for an Alarm Billing record created prior to 10/4/2019, please prefix your record number with "AB-"
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