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Search for Records

All search criteria entered must match the record data. Enter criteria and click the Search button. If you do not get results:

    •     Ensure the record information is entered correctly.
    •     If entering the full record number, ensure any dashes are included (e.g., ALM-REG-0000001).
    •     To search for a Alarm Billing record that was created prior to October 4, 2019, please prefix your record number with "AB-" (e.g., AB-10000000).
    •     Try expanding your search further by doing a partial search. E.g., if searching for "ALM-REG-0000001" or "AB-0000001", try "%0000001". 

NOTE:  If you cannot find a record you are sure exists, please contact the LauderBuild Support Team. 

General Search

To search for an Alarm Billing record created prior to 10/4/2019, please prefix your record number with "AB-"
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