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You may use the dropdown menu on the right to select other parameters such as, by address, licensed professional (where applicable), contact or general, which contains many of the available search types, instead. Enter search criteria and click the Look Up (or Search) button.

All search criteria entered must match the record data. If you do not get results from a search:

•     Ensure the record information is entered correctly.
•     If entering the full record number, ensure any dashes are included (e.g.BLD-01-0000001).
•     Try expanding your search further by doing a partial search. E.g. if searching for "BLD-CRA-19030028", try "19030028".
•     Try selecting the General search option and searching all records within a specific Start and End date.

NOTE:  If you cannot find a record you are sure exists, please contact the Accelaration Support Team. 

General Search

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